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Corporate Relocation

When a new out-of-town job opportunity arises for someone, a Certified Relocation Specialist is there to make that move as painless as possible, helping at every stage of a move, from selling a home to finding a new home to move and settle in to. 


That’s where I come in!  


My goal as a Certified Relocation Specialist is to manage all the details involved in relocating, so that the transferee can stay focused on their job, while ensuring the relocation experience is a positive one for them and their family.

I work hard on behalf of my clients and nothing makes me happier than hearing them say they enjoy doing business with me! That's why it is my unwavering commitment to conduct all aspects of the relocation process with a direct hands-on approach to meet the needs of my clients and transferees.

Services Provided

Everyone who goes through relocation will have different needs depending on

their family size, where they're moving, how much stuff they have, and what

their budget is. That's why having a Certified Relocation Specialist, such as myself, will ensure a seamless and successful transition for clients and transferees alike. 


Services I provide include, but are not limited to: (partial list)

  • Area Tours and Orientation 

  • City-To-City Comparisons For Cost Of Living and Housing

  • Preparing Transferee's Home For Sale

  • Assistance with Leases, Rentals and Temporary Living Accommodations

  • Coordination and Facilitation of New Home Purchases

  • Contract Preparation and Negotiations Through Closing

  • Recommendations and Evaluations of Reputable Moving Service Providers

  • Share Knowledge Of Local Market Areas and What New Residents Should Know

  • Connection with Local Organizations To Help Relocating Homeowners Join The Community

Client Testimonial

Jasmine was referred to us by my husband's relocation company and we are so happy she walked into our lives! From start to finish, Jasmine was there. Throughout the entire house hunting process, Jasmine listened to our needs, wants, and wishes and provided us with guidance that confidently helped us make our next move. Her experience in the field as well as her knowledge of various areas made her a great soundboard for a growing family moving from out of state. It has nearly been a month in our new home, and we couldn't be happier. Jasmine went above and beyond to serve our needs and look out for our best interests. Thank you Jasmine!


Forever Grateful, 

The Brinsons

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